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No Ordinary Life

no ordinary life

The Exciting and Challenging Reality of Being a Twenty-First Century Christian

Do you find it hard to share your faith? Is it difficult to believe in God, or practice your faith, when contemporary society maintains He doesn’t exist? Are you living with the joy that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

After walking away from her Catholic faith, Carol Kelso tells the story of her journey back to God; how He took her from a business career into the care sector, and a ministry of Christian writing and radio presenting. She shares openly and honestly about learning to practice and share her faith – journeying from a place of brokenness to healing, transformation and joy.

In a warm and conversational style, Carol shares the challenges she faces in a world often hostile towards believers, and how she faces these challenges. An inspirational and encouraging read that celebrates the Truth to be found in Jesus Christ, and how the greatness He brings can enable each of us to lead no ordinary life.

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Here are some of the reviews so far….

There were many things I had wanted to say about this book, and how I related to the text personally, particularly the sense of pilgrimage. But on reflection, all you need to know by way of recommendation, are the tears of honesty and love that glided down the cheeks of my beautiful wife, as we shared in Carol’s profound and touching testimony”. Tim – UK

“This book just got better and better, clever use of today’s language brought the scriptures to life. A great pace that moved like thoughts and captured me in the essence of Carol Kelso’s journey into 21st century Christianity, so many readers will discover the Truth in this wonderful book, the Holy Spirit is touching us”.  Alyson Smith – UK

“This book covers so much in our Christian Walk. Carols honest approach in addressing the struggles of life and how she overcame them was a great learning curve for me. She has made it exciting and challenging and will touch the hearts of her readers. Her passion for Jesus will draw you in and show you how much more there is to living life as a Christian – if you go deeper”. Jackie Duncan -UK

“Enjoyed every minute of reading this book. Its been a long time since a book stirred so many emotions about my own faith and gave me a lot to think about!! I could easily relate to Carol and her lovely way of sharing her journey with us is so inspiring, non-judgemental and very brave. Its a book that could be life changing for its readers”. Gillian Clancy -Ireland