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Carol has a keen following for her "New Creation" blogs and has readers as far as South Africa. She openly writes on themes that affect the Christian as we walk out our lives in Christ. Her writing has also been featured on

Live an extraordinary, ordinary life For most of the seven billion of us on the planet, we live an ordinary life. Like me, I am sure you have imagined what it is like for the rich or famous where money is no object and you are admired and appreciated for your contribution to society.

You already have it all Hello readers and a very happy new year to you! Christmas has come to an end and I don’t know about you, but I am glad to be back to my normal routine. Putting away the Christmas tree, as much as I love it, and getting my home back to it’s usual. To get the surplus chocolate […]



Carol presents the Sunday Morning Breakfast show live every Sunday Morning from 8-10am on Nevis Radio on the Scottish west coast. The show covers a variety of contemporary Christian topics, current music and interviews. You can tune in on 104.4 FM or online at

Listen to the show live online, Sunday morning 8 -10am GMT


Carol loves to interview people and she feels there is nothing like the power of a testimony. Her interviews include high profile Christians within the music industry and apologetics. Those artists include contemporary Christian singer song writers such as Matt Redman, Stuart Townend and Dave Scott- Morgan (previously from ELO – Electric Light Orchestra). Prolific Christian Apologists Dr. John Lennox and Lara Buchanan from Ravi Zacharias Ministries (RZIM) have also been interviewed for the show as well as many testimonies of healing and transformation of those who have come to know Christ.