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What are you holding onto that you no longer need? Matthew 6.19

Greetings to you dear reader, Since I have last written, I, my hubby and our two cats have moved home and relocated to a new area here in Scotland, about 100 miles away from our beloved Highlands so, lots of change has been happening. We are in one week today and are already loving it. […]

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He is enough?

Hello to you dear reader! It has been a while since I have written a blog as I felt the need to step away from Christian writing for a while. Life has been very busy with changes a foot and with this shift in my spirit, I felt God was asking me to strip my life back a bit when the question arose within me – “Is […]

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Are you accepting of your own cross? (Luke 9.23)

Hello to you dear reader. This is my first post since the publishing of my book “No Ordinary Life” in November, so it is great to touch base with you again. I needed to step away and take a sabbatical from writing, to allow myself to rest until I felt that nudge from the Holy Spirit, gently reminding […]

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God at the centre of a weary mind

Hello to you, the reader. I have not written a post for a while, as I have been involved in another writing project that took up a significant chunk of my time. So here I am back with a brief one, and it feels great! I don’t know about you, but at times in my […]

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You already have it all

Hello readers and a very happy new year to you! Christmas has come to an end and I don’t know about you, but I am glad to be back to my normal routine. Putting away the Christmas tree, as much as I love it, and getting my home back to it’s usual. To get the surplus chocolate […]

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God, your loving guardian

The Christian is told over and over that God loves us and protects us, as He says it in His word time and time again. But are you truly aware of this heavenly activity over your life? In Isaiah 41.10  it says “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your […]

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Suffering – an opportunity to meet with ourselves

Hello friends. It seems like a while since we have touched base and so much has happened in between. I have been away from home and life has been quite hectic, resulting in neglect of my spiritual life and all things Christian. But on the upside, it has brought to mind that when I am absent before God for a while, I realise […]

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Keep looking up

Most of us are shocked by the recent acts of violence and terror happening in world today. On mainstream media we hear and see how our freedoms are being threatened and violated with the perpetrators of such acts being given first place or centre stage. Read more….

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It’s not all about you

One of the great things about believing in God is that the journey one is on is constantly unfolding. As we mature in our faith there are always new horizons to conquer, particularly within ourselves. Changes and new perspectives that can bring us to a greater awareness of what it truly means to be “chosen” by God and all that comes with it, […]

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What does “living free in Christ” mean to you?

The follower of Christ is familiar with this piece of Scripture that comes from John 8.36 “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed”.

The word “free” is used widely in the Christian community, and it serves to communicate to us that we are no longer enslaved to the terms and conditions of this world but that we are set free by Jesus Christ himself.

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