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Live an extraordinary, ordinary life

For most of the seven billion of us on the planet, we live an ordinary life. Like me, I am sure you have imagined what it is like for the rich or famous where money is no object and you are admired and appreciated for your contribution to society.

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Are you giving yourself permission?

It takes great courage to be a believer in God, more so now than ever. Courage to be that person that God called you to be and not be afraid. To step into that spirit of power and of love. 2 Timothy 1.7…..

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The power is in the knowing

The word “power” is commonly used within the Christian community, as it is within the Bible. I am sure you have heard many a sermons talking about “receiving the power of God” and how it can transform your life for the better. All of us want to tap into the same power that caused Jesus […]

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Just “be” with Jesus

The life of the Christian can be somewhat busy if we allow it to become that way; a life where we are constantly doing stuff, or looking for more information about the mind of God, or how to live a better life as a Christian. There are so many ministries out there with books, DVDs and CDs on offer, and, […]

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Self-discipline brings a better harvest

Are you a self-disciplined person or do you find the whole concept of being disciplined too hard? Are you constantly being distracted by a busy or hectic lifestyle that leaves you no real time to focus on what’s really important? There is no doubt about it, being self-disciplined in the age we live in is a […]

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A better life with Christ

I don’t know about you, but I want it all. Not that kind of all were I want to be dripping with diamonds or have the nicest car in my driveway, but where I can experience life at it’s best…. read on

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Father forgive them …..

I don’t know about you, but this statement from Jesus, for me, is probably one of the most profound thing our Lord has ever said. We can only imagine the excruciating pain Jesus was going through at the time, not only from the physical pain, but also carrying the weight of sin and tremendous suffering. […]

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The power of listening

This is a topic dear to my heart so I thought I’d share on the subject. One of the greatest things you can do for someone is listen to them. Not the kind of listening where you are nodding politely with your mind somewhere else but the kind where you give folk your full attention…..

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What it means to surrender

We have all heard the word within Christian circles: “surrender”. Many evangelists and preachers use this word as if it was the most natural and easy thing to do in the face of adversity….

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Let’s get perspective

Life, in all its complexities, throws many dilemmas and challenges our way; some of them good, and others not so good. We all have to make a decision each day as to whether we allow these challenges to impact our lives in a positive or negative way, and have the awareness to see this is a real blessing…..

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