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He is enough?

Hello to you dear reader!

It has been a while since I have written a blog as I felt the need to step away from Christian writing for a while. Life has been very busy with changes a foot and with this shift in my spirit, I felt God was asking me to strip my life back a bit when the question arose within me – “Is He enough?

Some of you know that I have been a Christian radio presenter for the past few years. I have enjoyed it, but recently that joy had began to gradually slip away. With this feeling of change on the horizon, I took myself away on pilgrimage for one week to discern and get clarity.
It was a week full of prayer and contemplation and when I got home, I knew it was time to give up my radio show as He was moving me into a new chapter. But this change was not only on the radio as He also revealed that it was time to move home and to relocate.

Change can be daunting and wonderful at the same time. But when God is the instrument of that change, it can bring a new and exciting revelation to the life of a Christian.

While I had time away from all the busyness of life, God revealed something to me that was quite profound and it was this. That my faith was a gift from Him and when I am walking in the fullness of my faith, I am already blessed beyond measure. Through the gift of silence and prayer, He showed me how a simpler life with Him at the centre, under the influence and direction of the Holy spirit is plenty to be excited and joyful about. I don’t need to be a radio presenter or an author on God’s behalf as all he asks me to do is to be in communion with Him as this is where I will bear real fruit. And maybe, I had lost sight of this and needed to be reminded.

When I came home I felt amazing as this was such a freeing revelation to me.

Jesus came to give us life; life to the full. John 10.10. To experience this life through the living God is already something of the miraculous.  It is where true freedom is to be found as it helps remove the trappings, demands, opinions and expectations of this world as Paul reminds us in Romans 12.2 “Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.

Life to the full does not necessarily mean you are going to be famous, rich, popular or loved by all those around you but it’s a fullness of something far better and more profound.

The love, mercy and forgiveness of God and don’t we all need these three things? Are they not enough?

I must lose my life on order to find it and when I do, I can press on with life and all that’s ahead of me, under God’s amazing grace. (Luke 17.33).

So, ask yourself the question – is He enough for you?

©Carol J. Kelso

Is He Enough?