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You already have it all

Hello readers and a very happy new year to you!

Christmas has come to an end and I don’t know about you, but I am glad to be back to my normal routine. Putting away the Christmas tree, as much as I love it, and getting my home back to it’s usual. To get the surplus chocolate and mince pies out of my system to allow my insides to return back to normal. To get back to the quiet and normality of life that sometimes we can take for granted.

For many of us, the Christmas season seems to be over run with materialism or a period of time where people just enjoy themselves and over indulge. For the believer, it represents so much more. It’s a reminder of the light that has come into the world. The gift of a real person who does not come down the chimney as parents would have their children believe, but a person who will be there with you through thick and thin throughout a lifetime.

This time of year I like to reflect and I am sure it is the same for many of you. We look back at the year and examine the highs and lows and how we might improve for 2017. For me, the end of the 2016 was a wake up call in showing me that I have already got it all, and have so much to be grateful for.


The desire of the human heart is to have peace. To be content.

To have a life that is purposeful and to be loved and accepted.

As believers in Jesus Christ, you can have all of this.

You are a child of God. A chosen person who is worth more to God than you could ever imagine.

The world today would have you believe He does not exist and have you chasing after the next best thing; cars, gadgets and the latest app that will revolutionise your life! This just fuels your ego and chases after your cash, but does not feed your soul.

I want my life to be filled with joy, not with stuff. Moving into 2017, I realised that I already have it all. That all is to be found in the person of Jesus. That He is the one who directs my steps and determines my self-worth, value and future.

He is the answer to my restless heart and all that is contained within it.

Friends, do not let the world reinforce its own agenda upon you in 2017 or have you play the comparison game with others. Be the true and authentic person God has called you to be, accepting what is gone and what is in front of you.  More importantly, thank God in prayer for all things as Paul writes in 1 Thessalonians 5.18 as whatever your circumstances may be, this is God’s will for your life.

I love what Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, SJ, PhD writes in his article on “Finding True Happiness”. As a child of God, you have a “transcendent and eternal dignity” (a soul which is destined for unconditional love in God’s eternity).

Powerful isn’t it?

You, as a child of God are required to live and love only by His terms and conditions. To love and respect yourself and others as you are His masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139.14

So friends, be thankful for all that has been given to you and who you are becoming.

Have a blessed and fruitful 2017, with only Jesus at the centre.

© Carol J. Kelso