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God, your loving guardian

The Christian is told over and over that God loves us and protects us, as He says it in His word time and time again.

But are you truly aware of this heavenly activity over your life?

In Isaiah 41.10  it says “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. 

Wow, that’s powerful isn’t it?

The word “guardian” is described a person who protects or defends something. In other words, a person who has got your back.

When I look back at my childhood, all I wanted was to feel safe, in my home and particularly with the company I kept. I was a very shy child, and the thought of being in an unsafe environment or around people that I didn’t like or trust just terrified me. It left me feeling exposed and vulnerable and if I am totally honest, today I can still feel the same way.

While I was attending Holy Mass recently, the priest was talking about the protection we receive from our heavenly father. It got me to thinking about my own trust issues and I started to examine my own views on God as my own loving guardian.


There are times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed with fear and unrest. This is part of being human. But when we step back from it and look at what who we truly are and who we belong to, we really have no need to be afraid.

God will even send you His angels  to watch over you as it says in Psalm 91.11.  “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to Lorna Byrne, an Irish writer who is an international best seller with her book “Angels in my Hair”. Lorna is a Catholic and has seen angels for as long as she can remember. She says that we all have a guardian angel who protects us and that each one of us has a speck of God’s light within us that returns back to Him when we leave this earth. This she describes as our soul. I think this is a lovely way of seeing our soul!

Friends, it all comes down to trust. If we have been given the gift of faith, it requires that we trust. That we know that God loves us and wants to fully protect us. After all we are His hands and feet on this earth, so why wouldn’t He want to protect His own?

A loving guardian is a person we all need and I am so excited and delighted to have a heavenly one. So next time you hit a bump in the road or feel fear taking its grip, step back.

Remember you are part of the earthly elite force that God wants to protect. And…. if God has got your back, what can any man do to you? Psalm 56.11.

Know it, believe it and walk in it! Nothing can touch you.

Have a blessed day,

@Carol J. Kelso.