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Are you giving yourself permission?

It takes great courage to be a believer in God, more so now than ever. Courage to be that person that God called you to be and not be afraid. To step into that spirit of power and of love. 2 Timothy 1.7.

There has been many a great believer who has shaped our history. Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and Billy Graham are just some who have stepped out, stood on the principles of our faith and demonstrated the gospel message and the power contained within it.

They did so in total humility while knowing who was in the driving seat.

So let me ask you a question. Are you using that love towards others and yourself, as well as the skill and talent that God has given to you? Are you stepping out and giving yourself permission to do what God wants you to do? Are you consumed by fear within yourself or from the opinions of others?

This question was posed to me recently and it challenged me to seriously think about it. Was I giving myself permission to be fully me in all circumstances and was I believing the best for myself?

Giving ourselves permission to change can foster growth and help us to know ourselves better. It can also help us recognise our own limitations. This can be applied to all areas of life from friendships to lifestyle and our careers.

My husband is a great thinker and very knowledgeable about the bible.  He always discerns when it comes to others and will only allow people who are trust worthy and who have good character into his life. He also applies the same principles in his everyday life. How about you?

People in your life can be a hindrance or a help. They can encourage you or hold you back. A good friend will only want the best for you and will celebrate with you in your victories and be beside you in your failings. They will lovingly tell you what’s right even though it is not easy to hear. We all need people like this in our lives as anything else can be unhelpful.

A clear road ahead

A clear road ahead

Being a Christian, I try to live in truth. The truth is not always easy as it forces me to make decisions that I do not always feel comfortable with.  This may mean I need to let go of a friendship that is not good for me or move away from a situation that is unhealthy. I need to be honest about my relationships as out of this, it can bring great growth.

The same discipline can apply to your dreams and hopes. Are you being faithful to yourself by giving yourself permission to follow them. Are you stepping into who you truly are, with baggage, warts and all, challenging the negative chat in your head, telling yourself what you are and what you are not…  or are you ruled by fear.

Are you fearful of what others might think; fear that you will never amount to anything or just fear, full stop?

The Lord said, “the truth will set you free”. John 8.33. Be honest.  Do a personal inventory and take stock. Remove the clutter and what is not working. Pressing   on with the good stuff that brings joy and excitement.

The Christian will face many obstacles as we live out our faith, both within ourselves and from the enemy we cannot see. He will do all he can to stop you fulfilling your purpose and have you focus on what you cannot do. But you can give yourself permission to move forward by “fixing your eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of your faith”. Hebrews 12.2. To persevere and run the race.

We are the people of God. John 15.19. We are called to walk it out. To step into believing that we can do more and do it better.  To use our gifts and talents for His glory. John 15.5.

“For I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth”. Exodus 9.16.

All we have to do is believe and just like Dr. King, “Dare to dream”.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Have a great day!

Carol J. Kelso