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It’s not all about you

One of the great things about believing in God is that the journey one is on is constantly unfolding. As we mature in our faith there are always new horizons to conquer, particularly within ourselves. Changes and new perspectives that can bring us to a greater awareness of what it truly means to be “chosen” by God and all that comes with it, both in the good times and bad. (Jn.15.16)

While being away on pilgrimage for the tenth time, I was expecting to get the usual excitement and spiritual high I normally get when I arrive. I always seemed to just plug myself right into the holy and spiritual atmosphere and soak it all up like a sponge. However this time it was quite different. I didn’t have the same “buzz”. I felt as if I had done it all before and there was nothing new to experience or learn, but as I mentioned earlier, God was teaching me something new!

With a heaviness I prayed to the Lord to show me why this trip was spiritually different and what I got was “it is not all about you, but you are called to serve and be my instrument”.


There it was. Something so simple and yet so profound.

I didn’t need a spiritual fix this time, but it was more about others who had come with me for the first time.

I love St. Mother Theresa of Calcutta. I love to read her writing and I am always confounded by her sense of duty and service to others. I’ve always tried to get a better understanding  on her interpretation of surrender and service and since the Lord spoke to me in prayer, now I can fully appreciate and value where Mother was coming from.

serve 1

Indeed her whole life was a pilgrimage. A life of total surrender to God. She writes in a book about her called “Her Essential Wisdom” where she writes “We must know exactly when to say yes to God and what is in the yes. Yes means “I surrender”, totally, fully, without counting the cost, without any examination: “Is it all right? Is it convenient?” Our yes to God is without any reservation”.

It isn’t about us, but what He wants to do with us!

Doesn’t this bring a great sense of freedom? It takes away the “what will I do” or “What do others think” or “am I in the right job” etc.

We grow when we serve. We become better people.

This is not very conducive to contemporary society where everything is about self, or how I feel, or what can I get out of it, instead of community and our roles we play within it.

When we move away from self and acknowledge that we are here for His purpose, life has an even greater meaning. It helps us to move away from the shackles of people’s opinions and brings a greater acceptance of who we are and where we are in life.  It moves and shifts our focus and attention to what God is seeking from us rather than what the world demands. That no matter what is going on around you, you know who is in control and what is really important.

When we truly know God exists, we will want to serve and honour Him in who we are and in the lives we lead.

So friends, go out and share your life with the greatest servant of them all, Jesus Christ. Serve God no matter where you are or what you are doing and don’t be afraid. Be the best version of you while using the gifts and talents He has given you and watch the fruit in your life multiply.

“Be sure to carry out the ministry that the Lord gave you”. Colossians 4.17

Have a blessed day,

Carol J. Kelso